MPCS Lifetime Achievement Award 2021

Congratulations to Professor Dr. Asma Omar for receiving the first Malaysian Paediatric Cardiac Society (MPCS) Lifetime Achievement Award on 29th October 2021. The award is given to the MPCS member to recognize the recipient contributions over the whole of a career to the paediatric cardiology service in Malaysia. 

Professor Dr. Asma Omar is a retired senior consultant paediatric cardiologist in University Malaya. She is the first paediatric cardiologist in Malaysia. She had a long and distinguished career in medical education and paediatric cardiology subspecialty.

She completed her medical degree and obtained her MBBS in 1972. She then did her Masters in Paediatrics in Singapore and obtained her masters in 1976. She passed her MRCP UK in 1977 and her FRCP from Glasgow in 1990.  

She received many scholarships to pursue her fellowship in Singapore, London (Royal Children Hospital Great Ormond Street) and Saitama Medical School of Tokyo University.

Professor Asma started her service in University Malaya Medical Centre (previously known as University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur) since 1972 and continued to serve in the same hospital till her retirement in 2005. Within the period, she has also worked in hospitals in the UK and Australia.

She was then appointed as contract Professor of Pediatrics from 2005 till 2017. Due to her credibility, high commitment and love for teaching, she was appointed as Honorary Professor in Medical Research and Development Unit (MERDU) from 2018 till 2021 where she oversees the medical curriculum for the undergraduate students in University Malaya. She holds many important positions while in University Malaya which includes the role as the Head of Department of Paediatrics and Deputy Dean Faculty of Medicine.

She is a member of many professional bodies and a chairman of conjoint pediatric postgraduate subcommittee. She is still a member of the working committee of the National Accreditation Board for higher education.

She held many positions simultaneously and worked indefatigably, managing an impossible schedule with her usual determination and willingness to help

Prof Asma loves travelling and she kept herself fit by joining marathons and healthy diet.

She is known to all of us as a very humble, organized and detailed person.  Being the first paediatric cardiologist, she is a teacher to many of us and loved by her colleagues, trainees and students.

Thank you Prof Asma for your dedication to the paediatric cardiology fraternity and medical education which have made an impact in society and in the lives of others.