4th Asia Pacific ACHD NIGHT “Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension of ACHD in Asia”

Chair: Teiji Akagi (Japan)

Lecture 1:   Current evidence and management of PAH in ACHD                             Dr. Geetha Kandavello (Malaysia)

Lecture 2 : Distinctive Feature of PAH and Complex ACHD                                      Dr. Shuenn-Nan Chiu (Taiwan)

Lecture 3 :  Current concept of PAH management in ACHD in Korea      Dr Jinyoung Song (Korea)

Lecture 4 :  What is “Treat and Repair” strategy for severe PAH in ACHD              Dr. Satoshi Akagi (Japan)

Panelists:  Atsushi Yao (Japan), Jose Del Rosalio (Philippine)

This Poster will be announced (e-mailed) on Friday September 30th at 8 pm (Japan time).

Because of our zoom registration system, the registration site can not be operated until the 43rd ACHD NIGHT closure.

After you get this email, please tweet or circulate your colleagues or society.

Registration is free and all doctors can join this event.

Please prepare your presentation within 12 minutes.

Please keep your presentation within 20 slides.

We would like to have a free discussion and wish to get comments  from Jonas and Atsushi.

At the time of 3rd APACHD NIGHT, we got >150 attendees from 12 countries.

So, please introduce your friends all over the world! (After September 30).

I am very much looking forward to seeing you on October 14.